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Eliminačné koncepcie priestoru a času

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 3, 277-291.
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In this paper the author has attempted at an analysis of Zimmerman’s and Chew 2 conception of space and time. The author calls these approaches towards the concept of the substance of space and time eliminative conceptions of space and time. They are the best known ones of a larger number of similar non-marxist conceptions of space and time. They refuse to recognize the space — time character of objects of microreality. The author starting from the principle of a general material operation tries to derive the space — time opinion of reality. He creates thus a possible dialectical-materialist refusal of eliminative conceptions of space and time. He is engaged in investigating some scientific presuppositions that, in a nonmarxist approach, are interpreted in these conceptions. At the same time he points at some gnozeological-theoretical and methodological aspects of the eliminative conceptions of space and time. On the basis of the above mentioned proceeding and starting from the recognition of the level differentiation of reality he points at the specificity of the objects of microreality and thus also at the form of material operation among them and also their form of space and time. For an adequate cognition of this form of space and time new mathematical means created by Grothendieck are being elaborated.
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