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Sociálny a teoreticko-metodologický základ marxisticko-leninskej teórie vedeckotechnickej revolúcie

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 5, 465-481.
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The aim of the paper is to elucidate the social and theoretkal-methodological basis ot the marxist-leninist theory of the scientific-technological revolution. In the first part the author provos that the scientific-technological revolution is not an independent and socially neutral phenomenon, but an organic component, or subsystem of the system of a concrete social-economic formation that is, therefore, a key to investigating and comprehending the scientitic-technological revolution, and not vice versa. It is like this in the capitalist and socialist social-economic formations. It is on their character and motion, especially on the character of propietory relations, that the character and motion of the scientific-technological revolution depends. In the former this character and motion are determined first of all by the antihuman interest of the capital and in the latter by the interest of man. The interest of the capital and in the antihuman relations of exploitation in capitalism are the chief offenders responsible for the antihuman results of the scientific-technological revolution in this system. Their humanízation by means of socialist social revolution and not by pseudohuman phrases and appeals — this is the basic precondition of humanization of the scientific-technological revolution. The interest of man and human relations oi mutual help and collaboration in the conditions of socialism are the basic preconditions of a human development of the scientific-technological revolution and of a human command oi power that man has been gaining over nature by means of the scientific-technological revolution. The analysis of dialectics of the scientific—technological revolution and of the socialíst social revolution is the key to a comprehension of the problems of the social-human progress oi emancipation in contemporary times. lt follows from this dialectics under the conditions of socialism that a consequential realization of the socialist social revolution and building up oi communist social-human relations is the chief determinant of a full human development of the scientfic-technological revolution and více versa. An important and specific róle is played here also by a consequential realization of the socialist cultural revolution. The investigating and mastering of this dialectics is a significant complex and international task in the materialization of which also Czechoslovak philosophers participate successfully.
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