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Problém zákona ako formy všeobecna

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 5, 529-542.
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The paper is an attempt at a philosophical analysis of one of the aspects of the diacussion about the problem of law. It deals with the question of the place of law in science. the problem of law as a form of the universal in nature and in society and analyzes various attempts at answering the question „What kind of form of the universal is law?“ The author points out that the demand for every law to be valid "always and everywhere“ is too strong and indefinite. It leads towards the exclusion of the majority of laws from the set of scientific laws, towards the reduction of social, biological and other laws to the fundamental laws of physics and towards separating the natural and social sciences. The problems resulting from there are often misused in the fight against marxism and communism. The solution, in the sense of marxism—leninism, is seen in comprehension of law as such a. form of the universal “that occurs always and all over there where there are certain conditions for it.“ The author also indicates the need of differentiating between the secondary conditions of law (the initial and modifiary ones) and the immanent conditions oi law.
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