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Prax, veda, politika, filozofia

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 5, 453-466.
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Socialism as a theory and a practical movement originated from science and has been building upon science. The connection between socialism and science gains a new character in the contemporary period of the developing scientifictechnological revolution. A qualitatively new unity rises between science, technology and production, which determines also their international character. Thus chances are created for socialism to realize even those potentionalities that have not so far manifested themselves and to show its full force. This fact presents new tasks both for social sciences in general and namely for the Marxist-Leninist philosophy. If our philosophy wants to solve these problems competently and to be a history formative agent in the process of building-up socialist society, it must strengthen its connection not only with science, but also with the socialist practice, mediated and controlled by the politics and ideology of the Party. At the same time, it must lead a high principled fight with various forms of bourgeois and revisionist ideology. Extraordinary tasks for philosophy are expected also in the process of forming the new socialist man. The latest Party documents on the scientific-technological development and on the task of social sciences in the process of building-up socialism in this, country represent an important impulse and direction of orientation for the further development of our philosophy.
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