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Vztah látky a pole jako fyzikální projev dialektické jednoty hmotného světa

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 5, 504-517.
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Quantum physics disclosed the mutual transformations between practicles and wave (field). Relativist physics found correspondence between the material and energetical properties of objects. The correct interpretation of their relation consists in the regularity of preserving these both attributes of matter and in their quantitative proportionality which accompanies their changes in the chosen relative system. Material objects have definite volumes and an unambiguous trajectory. The field was discovered as a physical object in a more complicated way. Space had been considered, for a long time, as mere vacuum or medium for transmission of forces or as mechanical scaffolding for the spreading of oscillatory motion. The field was identified with the suspension of ether. This was subjected to cross experiments, under which its conception collapsed like fiction. The field is manifested as the material of its kind, the structure of which is not discreet. It was Lenin who elucidated the field as physical form of matter and refused the attempts at substantional energetical monism. The energetical conception of field had been spread in physics of the 1930s. The field is the form of existence of matter, with an inner structure determinated by charges or other resources i thas no other shape, nor the only course of motion. In the micro-world the distinctions between the field and particles are being wiped off, they approximate and disappear. Elementary particles are, at the same time, corpuscles and exchangeable innernuclear fields, by means of which other particles operate upon one another. The motion of a microparticle is not a mere transfer, but a process of interactions between particles and fields, in which the properties of particles manifested and change themselves. The elaboration of the dialectical-materialistic theory of matter enables the understanding of new scientific discoveries and develops itself on their philosophical interpretation.
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