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Veľká októbrová socialistická revolúcia a rozvoj nášho filozofického myslenia v 20. rokoch

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 5, 538-547.
Typ článku: State - 60. výročie VOSR
All main themes that were elaborated by the Slovak Marxist theoreticians, ideologists and philosophers in the twenties reacted in a way — directly or indirectly — upon the events of the Great October Socialist Revolution or upon their result — the building up of a classless society in the Soviet Union. Whether they were theoretical questions of elaborating the methods of class struggle of the proletariat in this country on the basis of the Soviet revolutionary experiences, or social-philosophical questions of the nation, law, class structure of society, or philosophical problems of natural sciences, none of the themes was too abstract for the authors to react somehow upon the achievements of the October Revolution and the ideological motion that it had roused. Not only explicitly informative articles about the USSR, not only programmative attempts at applying the Soviet revolutionary experiences upon our conditions, but also those articles that did not refer directly to the results of revolutionary fight of the Russian proletariat, but which were written in spirit of Marxism-Leninism, indirectly in their own way propagated the legacy of the Great October Socialist Revolution in this country and were spreading the ideas that the revolution in Russia had followed.
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