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Február 1948 a etapy rozvoja marxisticko-leninskej filozofie na Slovensku

Filozofia, 33 (1978), 1, 17-31.
Typ článku: State - 30. výročie Februára
The paper presents an outline of the basic developmental trend in the advancement of Slovak philosophy since the time when Marxism has begun to penetrate, when the fundaments of constituting the Marxist-Leninist philosophical front have been formed. The paper pays attention to two stages of development of Marxist philosophy in this country: the period of Marxism penetrating to this country in the turn of the centuries and that of developing the heritage of the classics of Marxism-Leninism, the beginnings of creative research work in the sphere of dialectical and historical materialism. The paper contains also a note about the developmental trends in non-Marxist philosophy in this country. February 1948 is characterized as a historical milestone that had formed all conditions and prerequisites for all-round development of Marxist-Leninist philosophy in connection with the tasks of building-up the socialist society.
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