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Základné zvláštnosti sociálneho poznania

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 1, 10-28.
Typ článku: State - Problémy metodológie a teórie poznania
The author elucidates specialities of the social cognition, especially in comparison with natural sciences. In contrast to the model of modern scientific knowledge which supposed a „pure“ object and a „pure“ subject and applied only objectivist, humanely non-commited approach to the object, the author of the paper makes Marx’s conception his starting point, according to which social life is essentially practical and it is therefore practice that plays the key role in the cognition of society, which conceives the social object not only as a sensuous non-human object but also as sensuous activity, practice, i. e. the subjective. The relation between the subject and object of social cognition is a relation of man to man and the social piece of knowledge is information of man about man. Thus a new cognitive situation arises and the author analyzes its specialities.
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