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K. Marx a teória dejín filozofie

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 3, 320-333.
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The important anniversary of Marx’s death occasioned the author of the paper to give thought to some methodological problems of the history of philosophy with special accent on their rise, functioning and their importance in the works of the founder of Marxism. The wide spectrum of methodological, historical-philosophical reflexions that can be deduced from the basic Marxist postulates of the dialectics of the social forms of consciousness and economic basis were narrowed by the author to one of the least elaborated problems of the theory of the history of philosophy, namely to the problem of philosophical revolutions. The problem of philosophical revolutions, as it appeared in the works of Marx, may be conceived in two basic dimensions: 1. the philosophical revolution as the determination of the consciousness of the epoque and 2. the philosophical revolution as the fundamental manifestation of the dialectics of the historical-philosophical process.
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