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K predmetu profesiovej etiky

Filozofia, 42 (1987), 3, 369-378.
Typ článku: State - Problémy marxistickej etiky

In the contemporary socialist society the role of morale as a social regulator and simultaneously as value determination of human being as such is increasing. In connection with this process the need of theoretical explanation of professional ethics is its subject-matter — professional moral rises. Based on the dialectics of the individual, particular and general, we can distinguish three levels in the subject-matter of professional ethics. The first, abstract level of the subject-matter of professional ethics is represented by particularities of the manifestation of general characteristics and regularities of morale under circumstance of the social divison of labour and professional organization of social activity. The second, more concrete level in relation to the former one is represented by being of professional morale — professional forms of manifestation of objective moral relationships in the society, the rise of specific moral relationships, professional particularities of moral consciousness. The third level of the subject-matter of professional ethics is formed by rationally elaborated professional moral codices.

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