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Niektoré osobitosti normatívnej regulácie v morálke

Filozofia, 44 (1989), 6, 669-679.
Typ článku: State - Marxistická etika a súčasnosť

Normative regulations may be considered as a specific way of forming and controlling social relationships and man’s activities, as a process in which determination of man’s doings by means of social norms takes place. The model of this phenomenon contains three elements: the object of regulation, the method of compulsion, the system of normatives, whereby the analysis of the author is directed to the last element, from the moral-ethical point of view. The author points to some specific moments of moral normatives through which the latter enter the regulation process of man’s doings. She especially draws attention to their creativity and to the fact that they must be considered as social and at the same time, systemic qualities. As moral normatives practically work only at the level of individual consciousness and doings, the subject-matter of the paper is the complex process of their functioning in the motivation sphere of the individual.

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