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Slová, ktoré sa chcú stať činmi, alebo ešte raz prípad Isokrates

Filozofia, 55 (2000), 5, 361-377.
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The paper retraces the history of one of the ancient arguments, which took place in the period of the rise of metaphysics between Plato and Isocrates. The problem at issue was the balance between words and acts. Both philosophers aimed at different resolutions of the problems brought about by this conflict bewteen the words (committing to an action) and acts (unable to fill in the words). In the course of history the ways of "settling" this argument have been gradually marginalized. The metaphysics, however, had not freed itself of the necessity to resolve the confilcts, which the metaphysics itself provoked by its claims on the "rule of reason". That is why even such a marginalized character as Isokrates could become an interesting and a very significant impulse for the contemporary thought, still captured by platonism and facing "isocratian objections".

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