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Súčasná morálna filozofia a problém cnosti

Filozofia, 56 (2001), 10, 669-678.
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In moral philosophy the problem of virtue has been neglected for a long time. The renaissance of the ethics of vitrues goes back to the 60ies. It had shad light on many problematic issues of the ethic of rules, i. e. of deontologism and utilitarism, and presented itself as an alternative approach. Instead of the question "How should we act?" it focused on the question of the moral subject, i. e. on the problem of moral chracter. The paper examines some of the problems of the ethics of virtues. It deals with various definitions of the concept of virtue, as well as with the question wether it is to compete with the ethics of rules, or it is more probable today, that the two will enrich one another. The author also asks, whether the ethics of virues is still a valid ethical theory in our times.

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