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Filozofický systém tzv. psychizmu Michaela Petöcza

Filozofia, 59 (2004), 10, 715-726.
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The philosophical production in our region in the 19th century developed in two lines: the school philosophy (in form of various text books an compendiums) and the works, which in contemporary terminology could be called applied philosophy. The first attempts at the original in the frame of so called “national philosophy” remained without a considerable achievment. This was also the case of the physician and philosopher Michael Petöcz (1779 – 1842), whose all essays (except of one) were written in German. However, in his works he developed a relatively original system, differing from the philosophical thought of that time. The paper presents the basic thoughts of this system, paying attention also to another local philosophers, who already before Petocz were heading for similar conclusions. The author mentions also rarely appearing interpretations of his work.

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