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Ranokresťanská transformácia gréckeho pojmu logos vo filozofii Justína Martýra

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 2, 169-173.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

Justin Martyr has adopted and elaborated the term „logos“ primarily for apologetic reasons. Although he himself was inclined more to Platonism, it was the philosophy of the Stoics which become the ground of his considerations. Divine Logos fully manifested itself in Jesus Christ, although in the past it was also partially present in various testimonies of God – not only in the Old Testament prophets, but also in the Greek philosophers. They participated on God’s revelation since they were influenced by the rudiments of logos. In the Justin Martyr’s opinion, this rudimental, spermatic logos (logos spermatikos) is present in every human being and therefore everyone could, to some extent, know Christ even before His incarnation. Justin Martyr’s interpretation of logos was meant to address the educated helenized rea-ders and listeners. In his opinion, both the Jewish law and the Greek philosophy found their fulfillment in Jesus Christ as the revealed Logos.

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