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Globálna nerovnosť: spravodlivosť a právo v podmienkach globalizácie

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 3, 219-228.
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The economic process called globalization brings about an extreme growing of global inequality. Problems of distributive justice and the possibilities of applying law become topical in our days. In the author’s view the globalization takes place in accordance with Marx’s intuitive comprehension of capitalism, whose development puts into operation its tacit immanent self-destructive mechanisms. It is necessary to go back to Marx and his theories of globalization and justice, and to examine, if they are applicable in present situation. The attention is paid especially to Rawls’ re-solving the problem of public conception of justice, as well as to Dahrendorf’s conception of the global supremacy of law. In this connection further possible globalization scenarios are examined, such as those of E. Bondy and J. Keller.

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Globalization, Human self-determination, Capitalism, Positive freedom, Distributive justice, Supremacy of law

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