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Počítačem generovaný svět rozšířené reality

Filozofia, 65 (2010), 4, 378-382.
Typ článku: Mladá filozofia

The aim of the paper is to offer an interpretation of U. Eco’s hypperrelaity and J. P. Baudrillard’s simulacrum as related to the conceptions of mixed reality and virtua-lity continuum (Milgram, Kishino), which have been articulated in the laboratories of communication technology in the early 1990s. The paper tries to show the interference point of the two approaches – philosophical (semiotic) and technical ones, as well as the possibility and necessity of revisiting some traditional philosophical question and categories, such as humanity or reality.

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Augmented reality, Augmented virtuality, Virtual reality, Simulated reality–Virtualitycontinuum–Taxonomyofreality–Computertechnology, Hyperreality, Neoreality, Simulacrum, U. Eco, J. P. Baudrillard

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