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Zdravý rozum vo filozofii Thomasa Reida

Filozofia, 65 (2010), 5, 449-460.
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The paper offers a discussion of the concept of common sense in T. Reid’s philosophy. Reid criticizes Hume’s skepticism, which is in conflict with common sense, as a “deadlock of philosophy”. Reid’s criticism thus might be seen as naive and “unphilosophical”, and therefore missing the point. The author argues, however, that common sense, as used by Reid, is a metaphysical concept. In his view common sense and its principles delimit all plausible philosophizing. He also sees a remarkable affinity between Reid’s philosophy and later Wittgenstein’s conside- rations of “the image of the world”. Reid’s philosophy of common sense is an original philosophical resolution of the problem, which the philosophy “in a dead- lock” is facing, as well as an effective criticism of skepticism.

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