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Skutočné vo filme a jeho pôsobenie

Filozofia, 66 (2011), 7, 655-666.
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The paper examines the relationship between film and reality, which on the author’s view cannot be grasped without taking into account the viewer. For Béla Balázs the viewer is a part of the film world. Jean Epstein goes even further in his substituting an actor for a viewer. Balázs develops the concept of identification while Epstein’s idea is to subvert the viewer’s world of peace and certainties. Benjamin shows that watching a film is a two-way effect. Barthes’ aim is to show the place, from which this effect comes. Lyotard describes another particularity of the film. The stasis represents a situation when the film shows the limits of perception.

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Film, Reality, Viewer, Identification, B. Balázs, J. Epstein, W. Benjamin, R. Barthes, J.-F. Lyotard, Third sense, Stasis, Difference, Optical unconsciousness

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