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Etika odvrženého a morálka oběti: k pojetí lidství a nelidství u Adorna, Butler a Améryho

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 7, 549-557.
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The article focuses on the investigation of human and inhuman from the non-anthropocentric perspective. It deals with the authors who do not take humanity of human being for granted. These authors describe becoming human as a possible dimension of living experience. The analysis starts with Judith Butler’s Giving an Account of Oneself and her interpretation of Adorno ́s considerations regarding human and inhuman in his Minima Moralia and Principles of Moral Philosophy. Butler ́s conclusion is that inhuman is not the opposite of human. It is rather the constitutive means of becoming human. The article explores also the connection of Butler’s interpretation to the conception of double morality offered by Friedrich Nietzsche in his Genealogy of Morals. Finally, the work of Jean Améry serves to show how Butler’s and Nietzsche’s projects can become even more subtle and differentiated and uncover an unexpected affirmative political strength of the victim.

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Adorno, Améry, Butler, Human, Non-anthropocentric view, Non-human, Offence, Victim

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