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October — the Beginning of the New Epoch of Mankind

(Original title: Október — začiatok novej epochy ľudstva)
Filozofia, 32 (1977), 5, 489-522.pdf.
Type of work: Papers - The 60th Anniversary of The Great October Socialit Revolution
Publication language: Slovak
The paper contains the following parts: I The Characteristic of the Contemporary Age (1 History and social development, 2 Presuppositions of the solution of the problems of contemporary times, 3 The grades of social-political development: social-economic formations, 4 Capitalism — contemporary stage — the contradictions and the extinguishment of the capitalist social system.); II October and Today (1 “Pre-history“ — February 1917 — the fall of monarchy (tzarism) — transition from democratic revolution to socialist revolution, 2 The Great October Revolution) III The Characteristic of the Contemporary Soviet Socialist Society, IV The developed Socialist Society in the ČSSR, V National-Liberation Movement in Asia, Africa, South America, VI ’’Ideological Diversion” and Reactionary Political Powers against Peace, Socialism and Progress, VII The Communist and Working-Class (revolutionary) Movement, VIII Democratic ’’leftist” Movement in Capitalism, IX “Confrontation“ of Progressive and Reactionary World Powers, X The World Socialist System — the Motive Force of the Contemporary Time and History, XI The Future Development.
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