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To the Question of the Unity of Freedom, Knowledge and Practice

(Original title: K otázke jednoty slobody, poznania a praxe)
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 3, 289-300.
Type of work: Papers - Work and Practice
Publication language: Slovak
Human history, representing the natural-historical process bear the sign of the practical-reforming manysided struggle of man with nature and with his own socialization that arises in the mutual cooperation of men. The. level and the character of the historical-social practice in which the given process is ’’constituted” demonstrate in the final consequences also the total level of human power over the laws of objective reality. This ’’power over the laws of objective reality” — this is freedom that in these circumstances acts as the historically conditioned measure of human capabilities and possibilities to broaden the ’’borders” of human reality and to advance to a higher standard of the specificity of its own. As this process, with regard to its objective source, is ’’infinite”, then also human freedom acts in these relatione as a permanent process; methodologically, this idea of freedom can be justified by the dialectical-materialistic conception of the unity of tenacious activity and of the laws of moving matter.
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