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Irrationalism in Kuhn’s Conception of the Development of Scientific Theories

(Original title: Iracionalizmus v Kuhnovej koncepcii vývinu vedeckých teórií)
Filozofia, 42 (1987), 1, 96-106.
Type of work: Papers - Problems of Theory and Methodology of Science
Publication language: Slovak

In Kuhn’s conception of the evolution of scientific theories there appears variance between his effort at grasping of the logic of this development and postulating of the irrational — intuitive character of the proces of birth and acceptance of a new paradigm. In addition to criticism of such a view of the turning points in the development of scientific theories a problem of specification of the phenomenon of intuition in Marxist-Leninist conception of scientific cognition emerges, too. Starting from psychological experiments, designed at revealing of the character of intuition, it may be inferred that the rudiment of intuition which Kuhn places beyond the limits of rational cognition is the „bringing to surface“ of the reflection which has been fixed on the subconscious level to the level of conscious logical operations. This reflection is, under favourable circumstances, integrated into preceding logical structures of thinking and it transforms it in an essential way. The cognition of mechanism of intuition is of importance for evoking conditions, favourable for development of creative scientific thinking.

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