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The Strategy of Acceleration and Reconstruction of Socialist Social Relationships

(Original title: Stratégia urýchlenia a prestavba socialistických spoločenských vzťahov)
Filozofia, 42 (1987), 2, 200-211.
Type of work: Papers - Dialectics of the Contemporary Stage of the Development of Socialism
Publication language: Slovak

The revolutionary character of the reconstruction consists in the fact the the communist party consciously accentuates the necessity of the transition to a qualitatively new state of the society under given concrete-historical conditions. The sources of the acceleration of the social-economic development are not only powerful production forces, but first of all those internal factors which exert their influence within the framework of the multi-level developed system of the socialist production relationships. The realization of the subjective factor is on all levels of the social life. The point is that socialism subordinates material wealth of the society to various forms of the wealth of living labour oriented towards the development of personality. The programm of the Communist Party of the USSR, accepted at the XXVIIth Congress, accentuated categorically the requirement of the increasing role of the human factor, if social-economic tasks are to be fulfilled successfully. Due to the fact that the human factor is activated, the psychological reconstruction participates in all processes of the improvement, acceleration and reconstruction of socialism which are characterized in greater detail in the paper.

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