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On the Question of Formation of a Scientific Conception of Morals in the Works of the Classics

(Original title: K otázke formovania vedeckej koncepcie morálky v dielach klasikov)
Filozofia, 42 (1987), 3, 379-388.
Type of work: Papers - Problems of Marxist Ethics
Publication language: Slovak

The paper delineates fundamental methodological starting-points of the materialistic scientific ethics which are formed by these most important regions of concepts: 1. the applicability of social determinism to moral doings of the individual, 2. the conceptualisation of a new type of racionality (the connection of racionality and practice), 3. the Marxist theory of Man and society as definitive overcoming of the antinomy of naturalism and antinaturalism in the history of ethical doctrines, 4. the possibility of the solution of the problem of moral evaluation, based on the correctly formulated relationship of the moral value and moral matter of fact (e.i. dialectics of the descriptive and normative element in ethics). 5. the so-called activity aspect of morals, 6. the concreteness of humanism of Marxist ethics. In the end the task to investigate the genesis of Marxist ethics in the works of K. Marx, F. Engels and V. I. Lenin is stressed.

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