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The Slovak Philosopher Andrej Sirácky and the Problem of Ethic Value

(Original title: Andrej Sirácky a problém etickej hodnoty)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 7, 452-462.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper deals with the early theoretical activity of this socially oriented Slovak philosopher. Although his theoretical activity after the world war 2-nd, after his repatriation to Czechoslovak republic and during his political activity in this period of his life is well known, less known is his intellectual activity in the 20-ties of the last century during his studies at Prague university and afterthat. This period includes also his still unpublished work "The problem of ethic value with respect to the social and law developments of humankind". This interdisciplinary work, in which he tried to answer the question, wether the morality is a sufficient foundation of social equity, resulted from his studies at the Prague university.

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