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Scientific Knowledge: Its Situatedness Versus Its Objectivity

(Original title: Situovanosť vedeckého poznania verzus jeho objektivita (K problematike situovaného poznania vo feministických epistemológiách))
Filozofia, 57 (2002), 6, 383-392.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper highlights the contemporary discussions on the concept of objectivity in feminist epistemology, in which it is taken in its historical development. Following the works of S. Harding, L. Code, D. Haraway, L. Daston. J. Tannoch-Bland and others the author focuses mainly on one of the topics in feminist epistemology, namely the problematic of the so called "situated knowledge" as related to the objectivity of knowledge. The paper also gives a brief outline of the transformation of "aperspective objectivity" and its becoming a "perspective objectivity", which is closely related to the conception of a situated knowledge as the basis of the feminist standpoint theory. Attention is paid also to the concept of "strong objectivity", in which the ontological importance of the objectivity is stressed and the empirical-realistic core of the standpoint epistemology preserved.

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