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Several Remarks on the Problem of the Consciousness/Person Relationship Seen from the Spiritual-Evolutionary Perspective of Humans

(Original title: Niekoľko poznámok k problému vzťahu vedomia a osoby v duchovno-evolučnej perspektíve človeka)
Filozofia, 57 (2002), 8, 591-595.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper gives an examination of the concepts of person and consciousness, as well as their interdependence. In the authorś view the interpenetration of person and consciousness is limited, the rest remaining in unconsciousness. The full coincidence of person and consciousness means at once the transcendence of the person, often conceived of as individual. Therefore, the author argues, the future of personalism lies in the spiritual development of person, aiming at the creation of pneuma.

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