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Neuro Administrative Devices and Personal Autonomy

(Original title: Neuroadministratívne zariadenia a autonómia subjektu)
Filozofia, 73 (2018), 6, 449-457.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak

The article deals with the relationship between a neuro administrative device and personal autonomy. As a rule, neuro administrative devices are supposed to endanger personal autonomy. We indicate three functions of neuro administrative devices as related to personal autonomy. We argue that the automatization function of neuro administrative devices does not necessarily endanger personal autonomy. The predictive function might be a threat to personal autonomy due to the reduction of the effectivity of the neuro administrative device. And so is also the informative function due to its limitation of personnal autonomy by specifically endangering the subject´s privacy.


Automated control, Autonomy, Brain stimulation, Closed loop system, Neuro administrative devices, Neuroimaging, Predictive implants, Privacy

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