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Morale and Values

(Original title: Morálka a hodnoty)
Filozofia, 31 (1976), 1, 43-54.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions - Society, Culture and Morale
Publication language: Slovak
The paper in its first part follows the sources of ideas of one of the well-known contemporary bourgeois ideologists R. S. Hartman: G. E. Moor’s intuitivism, phenomenology and neo-positivism. The other part is devoted to R. S. Hartman himself. Starting from these sources R. S. Hartman attempts at a „scientification“ of ethics through symbolic logic or formal axiology. By finding the logical language of values he attempts at an internally coherent, nonantagonistic system. Of course, such a system itself will not do for its own verification. It is necessary to surpass its limits and to justify it from outside. By renouncing philosophy R. S. Hartman refuses this possibility. This is why his attempt at formalization of axiology is onesided, it does not consider the social contingency of moral consciousness and thus it can not be accepted. It is only a further confirmation of the fact that bourgeois ethics is not able to explain scientifically moral phenomena in social life.
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