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The Category of the Ideal in the System of Marxist-Lenimist Philosophy

(Original title: Kategória ideálna a jej miesto v kategoriálnom systéme marxisticko-leninskej filozofie)
Filozofia, 31 (1976), 5, 455-463.
Type of work: Papers - The Problems of Marxist Gnozeology
Publication language: Slovak
In the first point the basic content of the category of the ideal, the concept of the relation of the ideal and the material are delimitated. The question of the presupposition of the rise and the function of the ideal in man’s life is dealt with. In the second point the homonyms and synonyms of the ideal and its related notions, terms are semantically analyzed. In the third point the place and relation of the ideal to other basic categories of Marxist-Leninist philosophy are discussed.
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