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To the Problems of the Criterion of Social Progress

(Original title: K problematike kritéria spoločenského pokroku)
Filozofia, 31 (1976), 6, 548-560.
Type of work: Papers - Man and Society
Publication language: Slovak
Analysing this problem we proceed from the A. Makarovskij’ conception holding for the criterion of social progress the development of productive powers. We however reproach with him for not paying attention to the dialectic unity of both aspects of production. He does not take into account the human factor not only as the most important item of social progress on the whole but also as a significant moment in the composition of productive powers. He appreciates the historical development only as object and not also subjectively as human praxis, because even this praxis is deaet with only in the shape of automatically developing object. Such interpretation is to a certain extent entitled- until the proletariat did not appear as the real historical subject. The proletarian revolution and the further development of society after its victory is not the result of a self-active historical development going on sonehow unnoticed, apart from the. real subject-proletariat, but it is its purposeful deed. That is why the criterion of the social progress must be-not mechanically but organically-completed by including efforts and aims of this collective subject which correspond to objective tendencies of the social progress.
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