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The Problem of Cultural Value

(Original title: Problém kultúrnej hodnoty)
Filozofia, 31 (1976), 6, 561-567.
Type of work: Papers - Man and Society
Publication language: Slovak
The cultural value always represents some of the ideals of progress in the development of human society. Its main function is to cooperate in the whole complex of factors taking part in the process of human development and his application to natural and social environment. This function is a social one and the realisation of ideals connected with it lies within the social reach. We can divide the cultural values into two large groups and thus distinguish between primary and secondary cultural values. The primary value is e. g. the creative human activity. The attribute “creative“ which is in our ordinary language more often applied to the art only than to the culture on the whole, has in this case rather wide meaning. For the creative activity, creation we take every human activity by means of which man puts into life progressive aims in the development of society and which at the same time enables him to make use out of civilisatoric achievments for the welfare of manysided development of human personality. Secondary values are first of all aesthetic and moral values, further on concrete cultural creations, works of art as materialization of creative efforts of their creators and finally subjects, phenomena and institutions which cooperate with or ensure the organisátory part of this creative activity.
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