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A. Jaszlinzký's Anatomic-Physiological Interpretation of Memory Processes

(Original title: Anatomicko-fyziologické vysvetľovanie pamäťových procesov Andrejom Jaszlinszkým)
Filozofia, 31 (1976), 6, 607-613.
Type of work: Papers - From the History of Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
The paper deals with the views of Andrej Jaszlimszký (1717—1783), Professor at Trnava University, concerning the memory processes that proceed from the dualistic treating of human personality and dqiendence of mental life upon anatomic-physiological knowledge of our body. At the same time it forms a part of progressive teaching of this philosopher. As the basis for memory activity Jaszlinszký considered the traces of perception, imagination or other mental activity. In this connection the paper describes also the doctrine about ideas and their origin as it was propagated by Jaszlinszký. The paper tries to be a modest contribution to the research of the history of science on our territory.
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