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The Categories of Space and Time in the System of the Categories of Dialectics

(Original title: Kategórie priestoru a času v systéme kategórií dialektiky)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 4, 402-414.
Type of work: Papers - The Categories of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak
The system of the categories of dialectics represents a complex of basic groups of categories: the forms of existence of matter, objectsness, connection and development. It is built on the basis of these principles — objectness of reality, universal connection of phenomena, development of material phenomena, progress of cognition from the abstract to the concrete, from phenomenon to substance, jconnection of categories. The categories of space and time as the categories of forms existence of matter are component part of determination of all other categories. The categories of objectness express more deeply internity, the category of connection — externity and the category of development expresses the unity of internity and externity of space and time.
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