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The Socialist Social Consciousness and the Basis of its Investigation

(Original title: Socialistické spoločenské vedomie a východiská jeho skúmania)
Filozofia, 39 (1984), 1, 22-35.
Type of work: Papers - Methodological and Methodical Issues in the Study of Social Consciousness
Publication language: Slovak
The basic and inevitable starting point of the investigation of the socialist social consciousness is the materialist solution of the basic philosophical question. Though it is not the only and utterly exhaustive basis. Starting from Marx’s conception of consciousness as an active moment of the totality of life activities of people, socially structured, the author analyzes some methodological means for grasping of the active consciousness, „effective consciousness“ (K. Marx) on the level of the relative antithesis of matter and consciousness: the problem of the ontological status of consciousness and its innerly richly structured totality, the question of perverted forms of consciousness and their typology, the relation of primary and secondary forms of consciousness and the dialectics of the anticipating and lagging of consciousness. The author suggests how to make use of these theoretical methodological means in the sociological research of the socialist consciousness which is now being prepared.
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