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The Basic Cosmological Principle and its Contemporary Interpretation

(Original title: Základný kozmologický princíp a jeho súčasná interpretácia)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 1, 28-34.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Problems of Natural Sciences
Publication language: Slovak

The general formulation of the cosmological principles runs as follows: the homogenity and isotropy of the metagalactic space means that there are no exclusive points or directions, on the contrary all points and direction have equal rights. It seems, however, that, first, there are no such points in space and time where gravitational or electromagnetic fields and all other known cases of inhomogeneities („black holes“, etc.) would not operate. Second, the equations of the general theory of relativity from which the „curvature of space-time“ and the connection of the „curvature“ and the density and distribution of matter and energy in the Metagalaxy follow set immediately the preferential, forced direction and the non-symmetry of points of spacetime, which is also incompatible with the cosmological principle of homogenity and isotropy of space. Third, neither the so called „cosmologic expansion“ is so much homogenous. The absolutely homogenous, in all points of spacetime isotropic Metagalaxy, is a mathematical abstraction which has no real analogue in the objectively existing Metagalaxy. Instead of overestimating the cosmological principle, we must, therefore, fill this abstraction with the concrete physical content.

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