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Philosophical Aspect of Social Activation of the Individual

(Original title: Filozofické aspekty spoločenskej aktivizácie jednotlivca)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 1, 29-38.
Type of work: Papers - Intensification of the Human Factor and the Development of the Socialist Social Consciousness
Publication language: Slovak

Contradiction between socially created possibility of man’s existence as a personality and the real existence of the individual becomes the initiatory moment of the whole social movement and social development. In the socialist society preconditions of man’s existence as a personality which were formed historically and socially became concretely general, namely as possibility and necessity of social existence of man. It means that irrespective of fulfilling and exploiting these preconditions in the personal development of the individual they actualize objectively as a degree of possibility and necessity of man’s development. In the research of the socialist society in which social conditions for man’s development as a personality became objective the process of personalization must therefore play the leading part. Within this process the prevailing personalization is the case. Problems of the individual must be understood not only as a result of historical-social development but its understanding as a prerequisite of this development must be worked out.

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