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Philosophical Works of J. Tvrdý in Slovakia

(Original title: Filozofická tvorba J. Tvrdého na Slovensku)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 6, 662-673.
Type of work: Papers - The History of Philosophical Thought in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak

In the paper the works of the Czech philosopher, J. Tvrdý, written in the years of his stay in Slovakia in the period between the two world wars,, are analyzed. The author shows Tvrdý’s standpoints to the Czech and European positivism, whereby the specificity of Tvrdý’s own conception is characterized by the term „the thinking of the positivist-realist orientation“. He analyzes Tvrdý’s understanding of philosophy, especially the relation of philosophy and science, alternatively the scientific character of philosophy, and the notion of metaphysics.

The author concentrates on the interpretation of Tvrdý’s critical-realisit gnoiseologic conception^, especially the questions: the possibility of cognizing objective reality, the relation of subjective and objective, absolute and relative truth, etc. He investigates above all Tvrdý’s works published in Slovakia.

The author also mentions briefly the orientation and significance of Tvrdý’s pedagogic activity at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius’s University in Bratislava from 19(26 to 1938 when he contributed a great deal to formation of the first generation of Slovak pedagogues and scientists.

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