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The Problem of Invention and Evolution in Hrušovský’s Early Works

(Original title: Problém invencie a vývinu v ranej tvorbe I. Hrušovského)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 6, 674-682.
Type of work: Papers - The History of Philosophical Thought in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak

In the context of contemporary investigations in the theory of invention the author analyzes I. Hrušovský’s philosophical debut in which highly topical problems of inventing in science, of creativity and evolution were set up at the most general level. Hrušovský was stimulated but also confined by contemporary philosophical and biological theories, nevertheless he formulated and hinted at a number of important questions such as the problem of the „black-box“, of barriers of functioning of flexible thinking, adequate to the level of scientific cognition, or a highly topical problem of the substance of evolution at the most general level.

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