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Man and Consciousness in M. Landmann‘s Cultural Anthropology

(Original title: Človek a vedomie v kultúrnej antropológii M. Landmanna)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 183-193.
Type of work: Papers - Theory of Social Consciousness and Ideological Processes
Publication language: Slovak

Having specified the concept „cultural anthropology“ and fixed its typologic characteristics which make out its differrence from other forms of anthropology, the author concentrates on the conception of Michael Landmann, one of its distinguished representatives. Based on detail analysis of his work, she brings out some positive issues of his conception of Man and consciousness and points to certain affinities between marxism and Landmann: his effort to overcome dualism, stressing Man’s specifity as against the rest of nature, the relationship of the individual and general, the process of objectification of contents of consciousness, the relationship of the subjective and objective, the historically concrete character of culture.

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