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The Status of Semiotics in the Analysis of Concrete Forms of Social Consciousness

(Original title: Miesto semiotiky v analýze konkrétnych podôb spoločenského vedomia)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 205-217.
Type of work: Papers - Theory of Social Consciousness and Ideological Processes
Publication language: Slovak

It is the aim of the paper to sketch the methodological and philosophical—theoretical linkage of the theory of consciousness and semiotics. The point in question is transformed into the framework of the analysis of the relationship of the concepts „ideology (ideological life of society) and sign-significance structures“. The fonudation and starting point of retlexion of their relation is considered the theory of communication. It is reasoned that sign—significance structures and ideological activities arise and are realized only in the interaction of the individuals. In the paper the interaction is considered to be a contradictory phenomenon in the process of which the individuals not only practically integrate but also differentiate. At the level ot the ideological life the contradictory character of interaction is expressed by terms „ideological form of the world“ and „ideological conception of the world“, at the semiotic level by the concepts „the content and significance of the sign“. The reason for introducing both these concepts and the whole conception in question is to prepare a theoretical instrument for research lot real functioning ofisocial consciousness in its particular phenomenal forms.

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