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The Origins of New Methodology of Sciences in Slovakia 1949-1962

(Original title: Počiatky rozvoja modernej metodológie vied na Slovensku v rokoch 1949-1962)
Filozofia, 55 (2000), 10, 749-763.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper is a study of the establishment of the theoretical, human and institutional presuppositions of the development of modern methodology of sciences in Slovakia 1946-1962. It focuses particularly on the examnination of V. Filkorn´s scientific and educational work, who was drawing on the previous and contemporary activity of S. Felber and I.Hrušovský. In that time V. Filkorn published his first essential works and developed an original conception of the methodology of sciences with its special view of the method of science, scientific law, and the relationship between logic and dialectics. It is defined as logical analysis of the building of the system od science by means of modern logic and an articulated theory of categories.

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