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The History of Philosophy as a Philosophical Problem

(Original title: Dejiny filozofie ako filozofický problém)
Filozofia, 55 (2000), 3, 209-217.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper examines the significant relationship between the history of philosophy and the systematic form of philosophizing in the 19th and 20th cenutries as developed in the conceptions of G. W. F. Hegel and M. Heidegger. The first part discusses the essential models of the philosophy of the history of philosophy illustrated by Hegel's conception of the history of philosophy and its relationship to the systematic form of his philosophy. Hegelś philosophy of the history of philosophy as philosophizing about philosophy is a metatheoretical movement inside historical-philosophical thinking, the aim of which is not to describe the process of the history of philosophy from outside, but to understand it and to explain it as an inseparable part of the resolution of the most important philosophical problems. The second part of the contribution focuses mainly on Heidegger's question What it is – philosophy?, as well as on his later writings, which offer a remarkable picture of the unity of philosophy and the history of philosophy.

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