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What Is Meaning?

(Original title: Co je význam?)
Filozofia, 63 (2008), 4, 305-310.
Type of work: Young Philosophy
Publication language: Czech

The aim of the paper is to define the problems, which one has to handle in order to understand „meaning“ on the universal-systematic level. The starting point is the famous Searle’s thesis „Syntax cannot keep with semantics“. This thesis is confronted with Dennett’s homuncular functionalism, which underlines the fundamental role the evolutionary processes play in the production of an organism endowed with „meaning“. The author comes to the conclusion that „meaning“ is an inevitably biological evolutionary process in which the hierarchically ordered domains as the results of evolution merge together.


Syntax, Semantics, Intentionality, Theory of mind, Functionalism, Meaning, Searle, Dennett, Evolution, Evolutionary domain, Biological naturalism

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