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Tractatus: The Conception of Natural Laws

(Original title: Tractatus: Pojetí přírodních zákonů)
Filozofia, 63 (2008), 4, 301-304.
Type of work: Young Philosophy
Publication language: Czech

The paper deals with Wittgenstein’s conception of the status of scientific laws (in particular the laws of natural sciences), as presented in his Tractatus logico-philosophicus. The author finds Kantian motifs in the conception, namely conceiving scientific laws as an a priori contribution of reason. According to Wittgenstein, however, there could be many of such a priori „grids“, some of them simple, the other more complete, but none of them can be declared to be the definitive and the only accurate one. This is how Wittgenstein argues against another Kant’s contribution, in particular against conceiving scientific laws as something universal and apodictically valid.


Wittgenstein, Philosophy of science, Methodology of science, Logical atomism, The status of scientific laws

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