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Several Remarks on Naîve Realism, Constructivism and Critical (Scientific) Realism

(Original title: Niekoľko poznámok k naivnému realizmu, konštruktivizmu a kritickému (vedeckému) realizmu)
Filozofia, 65 (2010), 7, 664-671.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The article presents different views of understanding the meanings of historical facts and the nature of historical narratives. It also points to the problems related to understanding of historical work and historical narratives in selected works of the representatives of naîve realism, constructivism and critical realism. It is assumed that Eugen Zeleňák’s presentation of the basic ideas of critical realism (which stresses the importance of applying various conceptual frameworks) could have constructivist consequences.


Naїve realism, Constructivism, Critical realism

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