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Volume 52 (1997), 1


(Original title: Kultúra princípov a kultúra zručností)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 3-9.

In the epoch where the rational affirmed itself through competing with the non-rational through the employment of the strategies of division, limitation, and demarcation of borders (or colonization of the non-rational), reason constituted and imposed itself as a system ofprinciples. In the course of the 19th century, however, both separational… Read more

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(Original title: Poznámky k alethei)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 10-20.

The essay follows the Heideggerian questioning the possibility of standing out in the "Lichtung" given by a contrasted background. Individual beings show themselves on the background of something that makes this showing ontically and ontologically possible, i.e. on the background of something nonspatial and timeless, which, however, makes the spatiality and… Read more

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(Original title: Hlavné smery maďarskej filozofie v 19. storočí (východiská vývojových trendov v 20. storočí))
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 21-30.

The paper examines the development of the Hungarian philosophy of the 19th century. The author focuses on four main periods: the first one was the period of the establishment of the Hungarian philosophy (the Enlightenment, the discussion of Kant's philosophy and the introduction of the Hungarian terminology). The second one was marked by an attempt to articulate a… Read more

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Between Philosophy and Sciences

(Original title: Ekonómia ako prírodná veda)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 31-38.

This paper seeks to present a set of insights which may promote the understanding of economics as a natural science. To perceive economics science in terms of an exact natural discipline implies the adoption of these two assumptions:

- all economic phenomena are the consequence of an inexorable operation of the life conservation principle which, in turn,… Read more

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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: Teológia 20. storočia)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 39-47.
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(Original title: Intelektuáli, experti a laici)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 48-54.
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(Original title: Metamorfózy idey pokroku)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 55-58.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: Isaac Newton a jeho doba)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 59-65.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Jestvuje spoločnosť bez mýtov?)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 66-67.
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(Original title: Slovenské filozofické združenie - oznam)
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 68.
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(Original title: Dobové svedectvo - nadčasový dokument (Paramhansa Jógánanda))
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 69-71.
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(Original title: Hegel v štúrovských národno-emancipačných iniciatívach (R. Dupkala))
Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 71-72.
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