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Volume 47 (1992), 11


(Original title: Dokázal Kant neplatnost důkazů existence Boha?)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 11, 641-649.
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(Original title: Bieda holizmu či individualizmu?)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 11, 650-657.

The objective of the paper is to investigate the limitations of individualism and holism as the basic concepts of social knowledge. It deals with the dichotomy between methodological individualism and holism, as well as with their mutual substitution in the history of social knowledge. Further, the author points out how both of them transcende themselves. On his… Read more

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(Original title: Duch americkej filozofie)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 11, 658-664.
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