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Postavenie a úlohy sociológie v našej spoločnosti

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 1, 16-25.
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The author demonstrates the close connexion of the scientific theory of social development with research into phenomena of the society and with political praxis. Research of the society must have a strong theoretical basis; this basis is Marxistic, scientific sociology. It is a relatively independent science about society, a discipline that is not philosophical but theoretico-empirical. It is a science closely connected with its philosophical basis, with historical materialism, and through philosophy with Marxistic theory as a whole. There is dependence but not identity. It is necessary to dissect the conception of sociology as a general sociological science. The object of this science, its fundamental conceptions and categories, the entire set of sociological knowledge, its structure and methods need to be elucidated. The era of the cult of personality, dogmatism, and vulgarization of Marxistic teaching have caused that the new' phenomena in social development were for a long time not subjected to scientific analysis; they w'ere illustrated only as examples, and if they were not in accordance with the dogma, they were simply rejected. In the view of the author scientific (i. e. Marxistic) sociology is to be formed in a two-way sense:
a) on the strong theoretical fundaments of a materialistic conception of history and society (historical materialism) sociology must get rid of the ballast of dogmatism accumulated during these last decades, it must shake off triviality and speculation, and in this connexion also the uni’ateral heritage of empirism and positivism must be cleared away;
b) the formation of sociology as a modern science must take piece with respect to the present-time development of technics and natural sciences; its theorefical and practical equipment must be complemented with everything brought about by the new' scientific disciplines (theory of information, cybernetics, control of science, „praxeoloey“, and the like).
The author further discusses the tasks of sociological research. The forces and means are to be concentrated in the first place on the solution of the following tasks: 1. Research into the changes and new phenomena in the structure of our society. 2. Changes taking place in the life of our agricultural population (socialization of agriculture). 3. Problems of the productivity of work. 4. Problems of a scientific management of our society. 5. Research into the life, surroundings and aims of the different social layers (first of all of the working class and youth).
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